Do you think there's love on the backside of a black hole?

Sometimes being in blogland webland makes me feel lost and unimportant, sitting in my own corner picking my toenails and popping up every so often to interject. I’ve always been that way, I think, more comfortable with a wall at my back to lean and curl into. I like to watch and listen and peep out when I have something important to say – not that this is particularly important, but being in webland reminds me of a conversation Pat and I had last night about the universe. He’s been watching shows on Netflix about the origins narrated by the man-crushable Mike Rowe. We were lying in the dark, cars sounding every so often lighting the curtains and we started talking about how undefinable space is, how massive the universe is. Did you know there’s a black hole in the center of our galaxy pulling everything in? I didn’t. And did you know that no one has ever seen the other side of one? I guess I never really thought about there BEING another side to a black hole and all the theories surrounding what’s behind it – time travel, galaxy travel, universe upon universe of space that we’ll never be able to grasp. There could be worm holes leading us into the past or future or no where in particular. Or there could be nothing. No one knows, they’ve never been able to get close enough.
“Do you know why they think our planet has water?” Pat said.
No clue
Apparently the theory is that meteors and asteroids started colliding together and the mass kept getting bigger and bigger and those space meteors left over from the big bang each carried a different element, water, minerals, all the things that make life possible – they just started ramming into each other until it got big enough that it developed a gravitational pull, formed a sphere and made our planet. We were just close enough to the sun for things to grow and just far away enough that the heat didn’t evaporate the water and ARE YOU KIDDING ME do you realize how many odds there are that we are ALIVE, that we even EXIST? All the tiny particles and series of events and emerging from the sludge! And why do we look the way we do? Why two hands, two feet, two eyes, one heart and why is the heart on the left and how did we find each other and how did we fall in love and how is any of this possible?!
I swear, staring at the black ceiling trying to grasp just how big the universe is, I have never felt so small and wonderful in my life.

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