Did you know …?

There are 8 kinds of close encounters with aliens?? 8!

1. A UFO sighting.
2. A visual sighting plus a physical experience with an inanimate object (i.e. the aliens make your car bounce up and down).
3. Sightings of the occupants flying the UFO.
4. An abduction of a human by an alien.
5. Psychic communication with an alien – telepathy.
6. UFO incidents that cause injury or death.
7. Mating between a human and extraterrestrial producing a hybrid offspring called a “Star Child.”
8. (wasn’t this 7??) Mating between a human and creature/alien to create a hybrid. (I suppose the extraterrestrial in #7 could be another human-like creature).

Oh the things you learn when a desk calendars asks you what the 4th encounter is … wait what’s the first??

Here’s the Wiki entry for further research.

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