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So for those of you who don’t know what SND is (Society of News Design), it’s basically the Oscars of our business: Magazine and News design. They are very very hard to win, especially features design. And this has been my white whale for years. I have been chasing these god damn awards for my entire professional career which in the grand scheme of things hasn’t been that long, but still… Today, I found out that I won two. TWO. I’m on top of the fucking moon. I’m going to barf. I’m shaking. I might cry and I just can’t believe it happened. These are like a big deal. Like these are the awards you get and then retire and say you accomplished all you needed to. I supposed there’s always the medal awards which are higher than the one I got: Silver, Gold, BEST IN SHOW. But I still have a few years to get to that. HO.LY. SHIT. TWO!

PNIBrd_Republic_Greater Heights

PNIBrd_Republic_Building a better burger

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2 Responses to Design Oscars

  1. Angella says:

    That is freakin amazingly awesomely fabulous!!!! Congrats to you!!!!! I love the designs, both ad can see why you won! It’s a big deal to be so recognized by your peers.

    I should let you know that i usually catch up on blogs on my iPhone, and for some reason I can’t scroll on your site when I’m on my phone so I can only read your blog when I’m on my computer, which is why it’s taken me so long to respond to this amazing news!

    You should be bursting with pride! xoxoxox

    • rachelvb says:

      This is where I’ve been putting most of my energy this past year! ahhhh! I am beyond excited for this. We were up against the LA Times, NY Times, Boston Globe, San Fran Chronicle and numerous other international papers that have amazing design staffs. I still can’t believe I won TWO!
      Sorry about the site! When I designed it, people didn’t use smart phones as much as they do now and it has something to do with how I designed it. I’ll have to talk to my web elf and see if there’s a way to incorporate mobile platforms. My mom mentioned it once and I just never did anything about it … but it’s probably pretty important =)
      Thanks again!!!

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