Design Oscars

So for those of you who don’t know what SND is (Society of News Design), it’s basically the Oscars of our business: Magazine and News design. They are very very hard to win, especially features design. And this has been my white whale for years. I have been chasing these god damn awards for my entire professional career which in the grand scheme of things hasn’t been that long, but still… Today, I found out that I won two. TWO. I’m on top of the fucking moon. I’m going to barf. I’m shaking. I might cry and I just can’t believe it happened. These are like a big deal. Like these are the awards you get and then retire and say you accomplished all you needed to. I supposed there’s always the medal awards which are higher than the one I got: Silver, Gold, BEST IN SHOW. But I still have a few years to get to that. HO.LY. SHIT. TWO!

PNIBrd_Republic_Greater Heights

PNIBrd_Republic_Building a better burger

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