The mayor has ordered us to leave our building at noon. Computers need to be relocated to higher ground. We’ve set up a station near the mall. Deadline is rushing up and up like the river we are trying to follow. I’m exhausted already. Haven’t eaten a think. Pushing designs and pages as fast as we can.
Our friends are coming to our house. I think I said that already. I’ve never felt this much panic from a place – ever. It’s serious. And I’m buzzing. I haven’t eaten anything yet today. Drinking coffee which can’t help.
I’ll write when I can. Deadline for today’s paper is 3:30 (normally 11:30). Deadline for people to evacuate is now 4 (originally 8). Everything is creeping up.

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4 Responses to Creep

  1. Thoughts of dry safety, a work place to return to for all around you. Will go and check the weather reports on line. Eat a little something. xo

  2. be safe, my friend.

  3. Yes, do eat something, Rach dear? It’ll help keep your energy reserves up.
    Thinking of you heaps xo

    • rachvb says:

      thank you both. I think your thoughts helped more than you know – and the thoughts of so many others. The river was its highest ever. 42.6 feet, I think was the crest. And our levees held around the city, but so many other communities were flooded and it’s the worse damage they’ve ever seen in those parts. The river is going down now steadily and people are returning to their homes. What a couple of days it’s been. xoxo

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