I can tell I’m not tapped in. I can tell I’m only skimming the surface. My brain has all the gear: the wet suit, the tank, the flippers, but it knows right now if it dove in it would most likely drown. So it’s grabbing a Sol with lime and basking in the sunshine and honestly I can’t blame it.

The mountains reach around me like toothless gums – pink and brown; barren. I’m in the middle of the mouth and in this moment I’m afraid I’ll never become anything. My brain is comatose and the mountains grin from horizon to horizon.

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4 Responses to Comatose

  1. How things appear is, as I’m learning, seldom how they are. You are already quite a bit of something and will only continue to become, be and expand. Claire’s presentation today reminded us that in creativity we live in the questions. Welcome to the club. xo

    • rachvb says:

      I so wish I could have heard her presentation. I’M RIGHT HERE! But am trapped at work – one of my busy days… =( She said she was posting a video. Is that were you saw it?! Or are you magically here in Phoenix too?!
      I love that. Thank you to Claire and you. “In creativity we live in the questions.” I’ll make the buttons. xoxo

      • Let me request at least 10 of those buttons to get started. I watched the live streaming of her talk here in South Pasadena. I hope there is a video for there was much too much to absorb in one pass. Definitely poke her, unlikely as it is that some pod person was substituted at the last minute. She is all you imagine and more. Are we not the luckiest girls to have found each other? Out of all the blogs in all the world…xoxo

        • rachvb says:

          Done. =)
          Ah, gotcha. Dang, I should have snuck the stream at work! She mentioned a while ago that there might be a video, but I’m not sure if she was talking about the streaming one or not… I’ll poke her for you and for me. We are lucky indeed. Out of all the blogs in all the world…. xoxoxo!

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