C'mon Irene

The little sparrow was gone when I got home. He pooped in his food, so I’m guessing he ate something. I hope it means he’s OK and I hope he holes up somewhere this weekend with Irene on the way. I’m hearing the sky will be unforgiving. Such turbulence is no place for winged creatures.

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2 Responses to C'mon Irene

  1. I’m thinking of you there and hoping everything is okay. Watching the news. Praying.

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you, Rebecca. We, luckily, are on the outskirts of the storm. The worse we are supposed to get is heavy rain, possibly 50 mph winds and not sure if we’ll lose power or not. We live on a hill, so that’s good and we won’t get the brunt where we are. We have a friend in Brooklyn though and another friend in Philly and our Philly friend evacuated. I’m praying for the cities and hoping people have places to go if they need to.

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