Claire is here! Claire is here! Claire is here!

On Sunday, I am meeting dear Claire. Her blog is here if you don’t know her from blogland. But most of the people who read here do, I think. Anyway, she’s a wonderful painter, writer, woman. She’s had a conference in Phoenix and is finally done with her presentation and it seems horrible that I have to work while she’s HERE.
It’s strange – you talk to people, feel like you “know” people, know intimacies and fears, yet I’ve only heard her voice once from a video she posted and I’ve never seen her moving around like a real person. SHE’S A REAL PERSON! I might poke her. And I can’t wait to hear her voice in real life because I think it’s the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. In my head her voice is Charlize Theron.
We are going to the botanical gardens on Sunday and I’ve promised to clean my poor car that was never properly cleaned after the move (it’s full of empty water jugs and old license plates and newspaper clippings and gum wrappers and river shoes). And then we are going to dinner and she’ll meet Pat and we’ll get to talk and have drinks and hopefully be outside in the glorious 80 degrees. I am so thrilled to meet her finally. I’m definitely going to poke her.

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