Chicken Little

Do you believe in bad omens, luck, juju? Does a cockroach practically falling on your head from an exit sign in my building count? I’m watching my back today. The sky is falling.

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4 Responses to Chicken Little

  1. rebecca loudon says:

    I do just as I believe in prayer. If I see it working visibly in my world then I believe. Never have surgery on Friday the 13th. That’s what I mean.

    • rachvb says:

      I believe in them too. So many literally hit us in the heads and we don’t notice. I notice. There are many signs lately and damn I’m listening.
      No surgery on Friday the 13th, check.

  2. There are meddlesome spirits to be sure. I believe more in angelic ones, though; transformative ones; the kind we can call on when the meddlesome ones come along and try to rattle us. Meddlesome ones don’t nec. come from the outside, either. Sometimes the cockroach practically falling on one’s head has a relation with the audacity to think it can take up residence on the inside? Either way, we can let them know we are wise to their antics, that we see them and they should keep themselves to themselves, thank you. (As for Chicken Little – aw.) xo

    • rachvb says:

      I like that. We are aware and in that we will or won’t let them in. We seem to have more choices once we know they are present and skulking around. Perhaps it helps us watch our step, tread lighter, take more care in our decisions. I do think too that when we are in certain states of mind, we read things with that state of mind at the wheel.

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