Checking in

Lightrail portrait
I’ve been away! Obviously. Or not so obviously. But I did leave without saying anything because, well, I couldn’t say anything! We were throwing my mom a 60th surprise party and I couldn’t spill the beans.
We ate too much cake, drank too much beer (or I did) and devoured A LOT of BBQ – you can never have too much brisket. And now I have no time because I’m on deadline at work, but I just wanted to pop in and explain my absence and throw a few pictures your way.
The first is a beautiful wandering man I saw on the light rail going to the airport last Friday. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was “Statue David.” I’m hoping to write more on him later, but he might have inspired an idea, so we’ll see.
The rest are pretty self-explanatory. Except maybe, the old picture of me … never again will I let my mom perm my hair. Ouch.

Happy Wed.Nes.Day.

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