California I'm coming home – in a month

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  1. Isn’t she young and shining? I live here and she calls me to come back, more to another time, another piece of life, but home that once was. Would it be okay if we did the early ’70s over again and this time not take them for granted? You’d like it there, I promise.

    • rachvb says:

      I asked my mom if she was playing Joni Mitchel when I was in her belly and she said yes. I’m so drawn to her. To her simple honesty that is so much more than just ‘simple’ She is a true artist in my eyes. One I look up to.
      I would have loved to be a part of the 70s. The 80s came back recently – why not the 70s?!
      I’ve been away for 5 years and this song takes me home. I adore it. I think it will be in my head for the next month!

  2. Ah, Joni. She certainly does shine. . . Thanks for this treat, Rachel xo

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