Black hole

I keep dreaming about you and I’m not sure why – two appearances two nights ago, one last night. I’ve stolen your body, breasts, hair, hands and fit them into myself the only way I can. But what dreams are lost in singularity – the core of our black minds? What else have I done to you inside a place where light cannot exist? I am its gravity. There is no time, no reality – I have locked you there in fear knowing our luck will run its course; distances, dimensions, force fields, water droplets will be sucked back into the sun – I don’t know what’s on the other side. Only the black horizon I have created.

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2 Responses to Black hole

  1. Angella Lister says:

    A poem. A beautiful poem. I don’t know what it means exactly, but it moves me so.

    • rachvb says:

      I’ve been watching a lot of shows about space. Did you know they can see to the event horizon of a black hole – basically to the outer edge and after that it’s a complete mystery as to what is going on inside, what’s on the other side? That the gravity around it is so dense – time and reality don’t exist the way we know it? That it’s following laws that by our knowledge of physics shouldn’t be allowed to happen? It’s a complete mystery, yet there’s a massive black hole at the center of every universe keeping it all together and without them we couldn’t exist!
      If you can watch “How the Universe Works” from the discovery channel. It’s on Netflix. It’s blowing my mind. I think humans have a lot more unknown spaces in ourselves than we realize. We are a lot like space.

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