Bitty boy or girl Dotter

My friend Dianne is having her baby today – 3 months early. She’s been in the hospital for a month after her water broke because they needed to keep baby cooking. Lungs, heart, kidneys are pretty important for a person – even a person the size of a glow worm. I didn’t know it was possible to stop such things. I assumed that once it popped it was a slow heavy train on schedule.
But she said as long as there aren’t any infections or heavy contractions, by god, they can do such things.
I’ve been cheery about the whole situation and so has she. Such tiny babies need to be born amid cheer and hope. They need nets of it. But there’s some part of me I haven’t wanted to listen that that is freaked the hell out. I won’t say it or think it until this baby is 10lbs. That may be months, but in months I won’t have to worry about such things. Now, I wait for news.

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