Be a kid again

I captured something. A camera flash. 20 seconds of human nothing that I’ll remember until I forget. But that’s why I’m here. That’s why my fingers are clicking in the most annoying way on the keyboard. It was nothing monumental just two brothers each holding a small dog on a leash. The first brother, older, slumped along in graphic neon pajama bottoms, a black hoodie swallowing him grimm-like. A small black poodle was attached to a green leash that was attached to a slack wrist. His mother obviously forced him into this chore. He barely looked up when he crossed the street. What I loved was the little one trailing him. Body picketed and high, walking a pug like he was showing it at the Eukanuba dog show. Hands confident and guiding. He seemed excited to be out in the world accomplishing something that to his brother seemed so meaningless. He was capable and alive, doing something perhaps 3 years ago he was never allowed to do. Is that what we lose when we get older? The wonder of walking a dog, a sidewalk, a Sunday afternoon? The idea that we can accomplish more every year we are alive?

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