At it again…

Whenever my Grandpa goes on wild adventures, my uncle Steve gives us the play by play. Where was he last time? Anyway, I think I posted his updates on the blog and I’ll do it again. Thanks, Steve. I’m stealing straight from you:

Just when you thought it was safe to read your email, Neil is on the loose again. This time, he is being chaperoned by a friend. Tim, the poor man, has never done international travel before this escapade with Neil. The big question is: will Tim burn his passport when he gets back to Oregon?
They are going to Myanmar (18 days, disregard the open religious war between the Muslims and the Buddhists), Thailand (2 days, disregard the state of emergency over election strife), Laos (14 days), and back to Thailand for another two days.

In theory, he will be back on March 3.

They are flying from Eugene to San Francisco, to Seoul, Korea, to Yangon, Myanmar. 21 hours of transit. Do you think they will be ready for a shower?

We got a message from Seoul saying that they got that far.

Tim reports: Neil is an incorrigible flirt, I have to keep roping him in so we can make our connections. Then, when the lines are long and slow, he deftly whips out his cane. I tell you, I am already learning so much about international travel.

The odds of more education are in your favor, Tim.

On his European trip, when Neil got run over by a tractor in Germany, Julie had to go sit with him in a hospital for four weeks. Julie said this time it was my turn. After a short moment of contemplation, I was explicit with Neil. There was NO WAY that I was going to go sit with him in a hospital in southeast Asia. I had enough fun in Viet Nam in 1970.

However, from a safe distance, I can enjoy the whole thing – and so can you!

I hope that they don’t lose the return tickets.

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