Artistic integrity

I got my first Letter in the Mail from Marie Calloway. I’m not quite sure what to think of her – but can you really learn who a person is from Google? Maybe…
What was most curious is how someone so young is known enough to be a part of such a “scene.” She’s 21 and writes deeply personal bloggings and essays about sexual relationships with “know” people in the NY “scene.” I’m using a lot of “” because the SCENE seems to be just that – a SCENE – acting and dramatics are imperative. I’ll read her story about losing her virginity. Maybe not her story about soliciting a “known” writer of the “scene” to sleep with her and then writing about it.
The letter was very honest and interesting which is what I was hoping, which is what a letter should be and I look forward to the next.
What I learned: Maybe if I show my tits to more famous writers, I’ll be famous too?
Have you seen my tits? Of course, you haven’t – I’ll be working hard for a long time. And that’s perfectly fine.

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