Last night I dreamed a boy I knew from high school grew up to posses a psychic ability that enabled him to see into the future; moment by moment, he saw my life laid out on the grass before him. I, of course, could not and watched him scan through the images like a photo album. After everything, he says to me: You’re Aphrodite, but without the arrow. I was convinced he was going to discover some secret about me that I had been unable to reveal. He had to have seen it. But that was all he said or all I remember him saying. “You’re Aphrodite, but without the arrow.”
Aphrodite: married to Iron; secretly in love with Ares, God of war; mother to cupid, desire, terror, fear and harmony; name means “arisen from the foam”
I asked a girl at work today wtf it was supposed to mean and she said: I’m not very good at interpreting dreams, but I’d venture something along the lines about having power but no means of executing it.
I’d say that’s a pretty good interpretation. Now … what to do with it?

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