Always carry Tupperware

I had a dream last night I was swimming in a lake surrounded by tall green trees, a calm lake, a large slate gray lake. There was a man directing 6 or so of us to swim the length of the lake in either a breast stroke or the butterfly stroke. We were all to swim together in our own lanes like a pool. I was the closest to the shore and could see the golden brown dirt beneath me. I tried the butterfly stroke poorly and on the way back I think I moved to the breast stroke. But also on the way back the other swimmers kept pushing me slowly and slowly on to the shore. It’s the same concept when people are walking together and one unintentionally walks a little right or a little left. It’s because the other swimmers weren’t traveling in a straight line that I couldn’t either.

When we reached the other side the instructor told the swimmers they had driven me to the side and scolded them for it. The instructor also said to watch for gold and treasure at the bottom of the lake as we are swimming by, to keep our eyes open and look for it.

We all took a break from the lesson and I somehow dove off into the middle of the lake. I don’t remember going under or swimming down, but suddenly I was at the bottom and had found a house of sorts. i was already inside the house. I don’t remember entering or what it looked like, but I appeared to be in a kitchen. And I could breathe. There was air there. I looked in the oven – the broiler that is like our broiler at the house, it’s underneath in a little shelf you can pull out. I pulled the shelf and found so much gold I wasn’t sure what to do with it all. It appeared to be small roman coins, pirate treasure and covered in dirt. The gold was filthy. I dumped what I could into tupperware. the oven was filled with gold bricks,  I think, but I knew I couldn’t take those with me. that I’d have to come back for them. But no one knew where this house in the middle of the lake was, so it was safe.

I closed the lids tightly on the gold, they almost didn’t fit and I had the sense that I was that. I needed to get back to my lesson. But how wonderful to dive down into something and find a place to breathe under water, to find treasure itself just waiting for you.

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