Aloha from Kihei

After 9 hours in an airplane, 6 of which were over the pacific ocean, I had never been so excited to see land. This is my first trip to anywhere remotely tropical and I’m beginning to think living on mainland all these years was a grave grave mistake. Not having been here for 24 hrs yet, all I can tell you is about the food: fresh papaya filled with passion fruit, fish tacos with cabbage, cilantro and pineapple salsa, then add a coca- cola. Crab cakes, sea bass with polenta and sweet Maui onions, creme brûlée, 2 glasses of wine and a red ale from the Kona Brewing company. I think I had 6 meals yesterday alone.
For my first sunset we drove to Lahaina and watched the sun yawn itself into the water from a restaurant porch. I can’t really believe I’m here; that a place like this even exists in the world.
This morning I watched the sun rise, got a cup of Kona coffee and a fresh giant sticky bun and watche the waves swing back and forth. I collected shells, waded into the lava rocks chasing crabs and when mother nature told me I was getting to close, I took my journey to the sand – sea water dripping from my shorts.

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