All those children

Have you seen the news? Those poor kids, how horrifying and parents around the newsroom are talking about how they tell their elementary-aged and younger children to always “stay with your teacher, stay with your teacher. I don’t think he understands me, but I always tell him that.”
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! To go into an elementary school and start shooting?! Jesus. How can parents trust to send their children anywhere anymore? I barely had to worry about things like this in high school, but elementary school?! You’re learning to color and add and make friends.
Why do such sick people inflict their pain on others? And on children? Adults have a hard enough time trying to understand all the horrible things in the world, but to seek out and intentionally hurt children is horrific.
Pre-K through 4th grade. These children were running through the streets, through neighborhoods, through the woods trying to get away. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be as a child? I saw a tweet saying a 9 year old girl said a police man with a really big gun lead her and her classmates out of the building telling them to cover their eyes.
I don’t understand. Why do these things keep happening? Why do these things keep happening?! How can someone plot a mass murder against children? I want to give up today. Just sit under my desk and cry. This is so upsetting.

I hear church bells clanging outside and I’m not religious and I don’t know what they are for – what mass or prayer, but I wish people would stop to listen to them. Deep down, I believe they started somewhere good, that they are for all those children.

Now they are saying it was a 12 year old shooter. Jesus. I just don’t know.

“We cannot let the NRA stop us from commonsense reforms anymore.” New Jersey’s Sen. Frank Lautenberg

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