Against the waves

A few nights ago I had a dream I was back at the river. I was on a mission from work and I had to get to my camera which was back with our rafts in the middle of no where without any way in or out. Except by water. I trudged upstream, against the current. A was hit by waves, one knocked me over and suddenly I was swimming, drowning, flailing my arms to swim to shore. When I made it to the sand I was exhausted. The water white and bubbling, the whole world looked tan, the sand, the water. Our boats were tucked into a canyon. The walls of it red rock. I kept swimming upstream. The water turned to ice, but I wasn’t cold. The river turned to the sea and I was swimming with birds and fish and whales. I was walking with and around them. I was walking on the ice and diving into the water. The sea was ribbons of blue. Drawn almost, painted. I forgot about my camera or what I had been asked to do. I was swimming with whales! No time for work.

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