89 and counting

My Grandma, Bernice, is 89 today. No one is as independent. No one loves seals and birds and cats and polar bears as much. No one hates George W. more. No one picks as many raspberries or plants as many bulbs. No one reuses as much tin foil. She has taken care of Big Mama E and Big Mama E has taken care of her. Happy Birthday, Grandma B

(apparently last year I said my Grandma was 89, but I was WRONG because sometimes I can’t even remember how old I am. ooops. 89 this year. For reals.)

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4 Responses to 89 and counting

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    I have been thinking lately that I need more positive role models as I age.
    Thank-you for offering me one.

    • rachvb says:

      You know, there aren’t a lot of older female role models around, are there? She’d be honored to be considered one. I’ve been blessed with amazing genes. She still lives on her own in her beautiful house that hasn’t been redone since the 70s which I love. She has two cats and would have more if she could save all of them. She used to play her guitar and sing to patients recovering in hospitals. In the 50s when women barely worked she was a counselor at a camp for inner city kids in LA. She was born on a sheep ranch in Montana. I could go on. She hates when I curse on my blog, but she’s a damn fine woman. I like to think she gave me my dutch nose.

  2. Your Grandma Bernice sounds fantastic, Rach — in addition to all the qualities you have listed here, I was impressed to see (from your FB birthday posting) that she has a Facebook page! Wow. I’d like to think she gave you your Dutch nose, too. Happy days to you both xo

    • rachvb says:

      She is a great lady, Claire AND has FB! ha! She’s hardly on it, but that’s probably the best way to use facebook. I hope you are well and staying warm. We are plenty warm here. xo

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