I think this is a pretty typical day for the cat. She hasn’t seemed to have any problems staying in bed with me all day. I’ve talked to more of my family today than I normally do, so that’s nice. this is mostly out of boredom, so I apologize because it’s boring, but my fingers seem to be the only things on my body that I can move at the moment. It’s all rancid inside and my legs ache, but I haven’t even used them today. lately when the radiators wake me up in the middle of the night I’m in between dreams and they seem to be voices singing, the seem to have conversations with each other from room to room. How would I know what goes on while I’m sleeping, how much I miss? All of the moisture has been expelled from my body and all day I’ve been trying to get it back. vomit, tears, spit. Still working on that bottle of gatorade, but my limbs feel like weak roots instead.

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