Left or right or straight or back?

I was always a kid who kept looking for things long after others had given up.  I was always a kid who kept working the knots in string until I got a straight line. I was always a kid digging in the mud to find the toads. I knew early there had to be a way, at least one way, to do everything, to get it done, to keep walking through a maze others had turned their heels upon. There is a key to every puzzle.

This is a quality I think most writers need. When you’re in the brambles of writing, the thorns, burrs, weeds, forest, mud, guck, tangles of writing and every instinct in your brain is telling you to turn back now, draw a hot bath, check your email account again, write on your blog, pet your cat, decorate your poor naked Christmas tree, there is a small light flicked on in a tiny flame that tells you there is a way through this. The kid in you wants to keep looking for all those chocolate eggs.

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