The wind keeps trying to push its way in. What a rude guest. It knocked open the office door at a quarter to 5 this morning waking Pat and I up. We laid there for a while letting in the cold air until I asked “was that the door?” even though I knew. It was the signal that I wasn’t getting up no way out of this warm bed with the cat curled into my feet under the covers, my personal blanket heater, the softest softest kind of blanket heater. I had a dream that a woman and a horse jumped over a river canyon. I didn’t think she could, but I saw her do it. I went later to the point where she leaped and tried to figure out how she made it across such a huge space. There was a ramp, of course. She and the horse went off like a dirt bike. Makes total sense.

Then I was at a new house in Napa as a guest. We were there to eat BBQ and I brought Tula and was cradling her like my child. We were surrounded by small people wearing hats, almost explorer like. Tula was terrified, of course she would be. I wasn’t sure why I had brought her to a place with dogs and strangers. But she curled into my arms (perhaps I felt I was protecting her from the wind – at this point she was a little child curled next to my stomach – the oreo stuffing to pat and me). She started biting my finger, but not hard or hard enough to break any skin.

Another dream I was in the middle of the tundra. Some snowy town to play soccer. I looked at the road sign and it said 300 miles to Missoula and 3oo miles to the arctic. i was eating crystals of snow and didn’t feel cold or wet. But everything was white. i was in the middle of no where and it felt wonderful.

It’s a violent morning with the wind and the rain. But I’m taunting it. Warm and a soft yellow light glowing behind me. The coffee gods have shined again and brought me a warm cup of Seattle gold and now I can sit and wander and listen to the symphony outside, the conductor breaking twig bows, the wind crashing cymbals, the elements causing a tantrum.

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