another chapter

I finished another journal yesterday. Another chapter to close except there’s nothing to close and everything to keep going. I’m on my last gift journal which is amazing to me because I feel like I’ve collected gift journals for years and have never been able to keep up with them, but now I am I’m keeping up and that says something in itself, something that I’m proud of.
There were no squirrels and no birds this morning in my yard. They must know. They must be buckling down and staying warm. It’s all soggy outside, the leaves wet paper towels, the sky sneezing down on all of us. I honked at someone today and realized he didn’t do anything wrong I just thought he was going to. check one for being called a bitch today.

I’m going to a fancy uptight club tonight with my friend and my nails are chipped and I wonder if they check your nails before they let you in. If they do I’m screwed. I should have slept in this morning instead or cut my nails or made myself less presentable so that cop wouldn’t check me out on my way into work.

But I’m steady. I have a steady heart today and I warded off the voice that always makes a comment on how bad my outfit is, to change my shoes and instead I knew exactly what shoes to wear I just had to go find them.

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