warm cookies

I want to move forward. I want to eat really warm chocolate chip cookies that are really warm I know I mentioned the warm part, but it’s good to feel warm and I want to feel warm. And I want them to disappear into my mouth and to taste the chocolate and that will be warm too and even going down it will be warm.
Growing is the list of things I need to do, but haven’t had money for or motivation for or bravery for. 1. call for a massage appointment – this is free, a gift to me, a volcanic stone massage. Why the hell I didn’t call about this 4 months ago when I received it who knows. 2. call the insurance company so I can call a therapist so I can I try to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. mold is fuzzy but mold is bad and I keep walking past the flowers in the vase with the mold on their stems and I’m not sure why I don’t throw them away. 3. finish designing my website that is almost done but I’ve had no motivation to finish because it means I will have to work on something else in return that I’m not sure I’ll have the motivation to finish. 4. get over this cold so I can stop feeling like it’s punishment for mistakes that I make. 5. Stop thinking that life would be easier if I was hit by a car or a bus and not killed, but injured so I can recover in the peace and quiet of a hospital room and feel doted on and cared for. I wouldn’t mind the extra time off. And maybe I could even sue the guy who hit me and get some extra dough in the process. 6. Get my passport so someday soon I can get on a plane and see a world that lives and breaths and eats differently than I do.

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