It’s unseasonably warm today. record warm. I wonder what it’s going to do to the leaves. If it will turn them forward or back, prolong fall and beat winter off with a stick. I’ve been keeping an odd pace these last few weeks. Working on Saturday and then working again on Monday, but working later. The lights are flickering, I miss the gum on the sidewalk just in time, my walkway to the office was blocked by construction and i stood like one of those maniacs in front of a steamroller or a train and taunted him. Not really – it was much less dramatic than that. I walked in front of some guy in a truck smashing asphalt and he stopped – what was he supposed to do. I didn’t realize until I was in the middle of the street that it was blocked off. I cursed them anyway. And the girl who parks in the spot that isn’t hers. There’s a dull sort of humming above both my ears, in my head. For two days now it has felt like I’ve been wearing a helmet, but not the helmet itself, the feeling you have after you’ve been wearing it for a long time, the feeling like it’s still there, the feeling like you’ve been waving all day in the water at the ocean and when you close your eyes you can still here it, still feel your body floating in the surf hours after you’ve left it.

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