5 weeks (ish) to go

I’m going to the doctor every week now. Things are winding down/gearing up all at the same time. The baby’s head is down – at a -1 station which means that … it’s down. haha. It goes from -5 (where the head is above the pelvis to a 5 where the head is basically out (born baby born). I’m 1-2 cm, but closer to 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. What does any of that mean about when the baby will be born? Nothing! It will come when it wants to come, but I guess good that it’s low and wanting to come. It’s getting harder to move around, but I still managed the gym last night. I figure if I’m going to be in labor for god knows how long, I better be in shape still.
This is our bubbs from a few weeks ago, chubby and all:

Baby O 33 weeks

Baby O 33 weeks

I talked to my OB yesterday and she’s on board with our birth plan, but still in doctorly fashion made me feel like sort of an idiot and like I didn’t know what I wanted. I guess it’s the same thing as a client coming in to talk to a designer and having all these ideas and, me, the designer knows what’s practical and what’s not. I get that. But this isn’t a rebranding or a new logo, it’s my body and as long as we’re both on board that nothing will happen to my body without it first going through me and Pat, then we’ll all be good. And I trust it will all be good.

This weekend, we’re doing our maternity photos. A coworker is giving us an awesome deal for maternity and newborn photos, so I’m pretty excited. Only problem is the light is best at really bad times of the day: 6AM or 5-6PM and 5-6 PM in 100 degree weather makes for sweaty photos. So, we’ll be up early on Saturday. And then I’m taking part in this flash mob/light rail reading from 12:30-like 3 or 4, so I’m definitely going to bed at 4:30pm. I’m excited though! I’m reading two poems and part of me wants to be scared about it, but then part of me is like – you’re giving birth in like a month and if you want to be nervous about something, damn … I think you can stand up in front of people and read from a sheet of paper because I’m going to be butt ass naked with my who-ha on display with someone’s head coming out. Poems are the easy part.

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