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Drunken Poets spread the word

The Drunken Poets from Andy Knowlton on Vimeo. We should all start doing things like this!

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Full Moon Silhouettes

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo. I stole this video from Claire’s Facebook page, but it’s so beautiful it’s worth stealing. Thanks, Claire.

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Over miles, I scatter the ashes of someone once loved. You are wind and need – stay that way: Elusive, untouched but touch only me. I’ll let you linger against my skin just long enough to create one scar. Then … Continue reading

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In and out

Yesterday, I made this fig, olive oil, sea salt challah bread. This was my first bread-making and other than some dough stretched a little too thin, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been raining for three days and the clouds … Continue reading

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Rachel vs. Boobs. Will there be justice?

Friday night, Pat, a co-worker and I went to this place called The Vig (Uptown) – there’s soon-to-be one DOWNTOWN and also one in Arcadia noneofthisisimportant. And while we were minding our own business, drinking beers, eating smoked salmon with … Continue reading

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"Write as if you were dying"

I’m kind of at a crossroads – I know I need help with craft and form and I wonder how much of it I can do myself or if I can do any of it myself? I suppose there was … Continue reading

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I made this

So I just got an email this morning from NewsPageDesigner – an international website that used to be run by SND (basically the Oscar committee of design) and this site is basically a place where designers from all over the … Continue reading

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This weekend. Where do I even start with this weekend. I feel hungry and starving and full and alive. The city is such a nerve ending. We went to sleep and woke up on a different planet and a filthy … Continue reading

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I love you, New York

I’ve come back from the city like a wild animal. Hungry still, but only for the taste of it, not because I need it filling my body. It’s become obvious to me what I need to survive and I need … Continue reading

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Nothing is the same

Last night I dreamed of a river house. It stood on a hill and from the back porch you could see the water slicing the valley into two sides of a body – the river: its spine. It was dusk. … Continue reading

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