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Yesterday morning against the bite, a woman waited on a concrete stoop, cigarette viced in one hand and a styrofoam cup in the other. Her body, covered in red-knit, weaved back and forth to her own music. or high. or … Continue reading

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Love 3x

I miss the roundness of Liam’s face. His new blue eyes, squid tongue rolling in and out of his lips, the light white grass on his head waiting for miracle grow. And I miss Yohanes’ sick fro, beautiful brown skin … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Mom and me

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Off again off again

Have a wonderful holiday, not-holiday, sit on your ass, tip over your tree, drink lots of beer, read lots of poetry, tickle baby feet, howl at the moon (is there a moon?), eat your own cookies sort of weekend. I … Continue reading

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"Invocation" by Elaine Equi

Come Inspiration, sweet as two beautiful hookers in a dream. Don’t go girls– even if you don’t know a thing about poetry, at least help me decide what to wear.

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Oh by golly have a holly jolly

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Naughty Nellie

The postcards on the wedding tables are over 100 years old, collected from Pat’s great grandma in her youth. Love cards, quick notes – what we have modernized as text messages and emails. But sending and receiving took patience. Patience … Continue reading

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All I did was push a button – life did the rest

I realize I left pretty abruptly, but well now I’m back WITH PICTURES!

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If you close your eyes and listen, where do you go?

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Barely Lucid

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling 8 years old – pouty, anxious, entitled, broken. Why in the strange space between dream and conscious are we at our most vulnerable? The demons seem to prowl at night … Continue reading

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