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dream wall

The past two nights I’ve dreamed of a box, a rectangle on the wall I can’t quite see. A piece of paper perhaps, but written on. It may not even be paper, I can’t see it clearly enough. It may … Continue reading

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Florence + The Machine

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This poem needs a sacrifice

Last night I took a drive. Not because I felt I needed to, but because my mom sent me a $10 coupon for shoes and I wanted to look at the sale shoes. I bought a new CD. “Lungs” by … Continue reading

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I need to write, soak this one out

An empty bathtub is calling me

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Go ahead, hit me

Art is power. I have power in my art. We have power in our art. We have power.

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Rolling in the Dark – Adele

Turn this shit up! This girl is 22 years old. Incredible.

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Dance Anthem of the 80's – Regina Spektor

An addiction, two hands and feet, there’s a meat market down the street, the boys and girls watch each other eat when they really just want to watch each other sleep. This song makes me dance inside.

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Through all the murmuring, all the murmuring, I slit my eyes like a contented cat. Watching it all, trying to sleep, trying to sleep away the noise. I feel something over my shoulder. watching. My headphones are in, but I’m … Continue reading

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gimme a toothpick

There are things stuck. Pieces, small pieces I can’t get to. In my eye – a soft, small, invisible hair. In my teeth – a sliver of onion from the pizza I just ate. It’s always that small space between … Continue reading

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In the winter the paths are so clear. They’ve been cleared for you by machines with hammerhead noses. They’ve been cleared by other footprints trying to do the same thing through the snow and ice – just find a way … Continue reading

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