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shop and beer

I have to go shopping for work today. We do this thing every year for the holidays – we all join together in a big fuzzy, happy circle and are assigned a category, or in my case two, and pick … Continue reading

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Before and After writing

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A case of the shakes

Sometimes I start shaking. When I have conversations down to the bone. It starts in my legs or my arms, gets into my core or maybe my core starts shaking first, I’m not sure. Those small puppies without sweaters – … Continue reading

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where's the alarm

The radiator whistles like it’s being attacked by a bear. I had dreams I was rebuilding something, a hammock even though a perfectly good hammock already existed, I was rebuilding the frame, connecting all the pieces, taking them out of … Continue reading

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How many stents does it take to open the center of a tootsie pop?

The valves in my father’s heart keep needing to be opened by doctors. I’m not sure what this means really. If it means his body is closing down or if it means he’s fighting to keep it open? He knows … Continue reading

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This American Life

Unconditional Love: Stories of unconditional love between parents and children, and how hard love can be sometimes in daily practice. I advise maybe not listening to this at work – if you’re anything like me you will be sobbing at … Continue reading

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It’s unseasonably warm today. record warm. I wonder what it’s going to do to the leaves. If it will turn them forward or back, prolong fall and beat winter off with a stick. I’ve been keeping an odd pace these … Continue reading

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NYC part 2

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a day of mope

When the sun rose behind the red tree in the backyard I noticed how muted everything looked. This morning I couldn’t see much color in the world. The sky was a soft pink, a light white blue. The grass shaded … Continue reading

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buried treasure

I’m not sure if I want to run away or stay completely still. It seems to be one of those days – neither here nor there, a chair in the corner in shadows – a little sunlight on the arms. … Continue reading

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