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The rain

Today is a day of excess. I can’t even see the lines the water is so deep. I’ve become a bird flying in the sea to catch fish, a woman who can’t walk in her own heels. Water is coming … Continue reading

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crafting a poem

A poem is really crafted in the editing process. I hate knowing this. I hate knowing its true. I’m at a very discouraging part of the editing process. All I have are bits of unpoems. words on a page. cliched … Continue reading

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My own game of marbles

We collide into each other, we hit hard. While the rain outside dances in the puddles, somewhere else its heaving sobs. We play marbles with ourselves. My heart’s a small glass orb all cloudy red inside, a strip of yellow. … Continue reading

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Wednesday sunrise

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If I keep going on like this I won't get my cookies

I had heavy dreams last night. But dreams of me stronger than I am normally. I was paralyzed in bed, my voice paralyzed. i wasn’t choking on words – that would require words to be stuck somewhere. No, my words … Continue reading

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The flip

I’d be perfectly happy if none of these people talked to me today. I’m desperately trying to hold on to the river and see the V leading me forward through the sandbars and sudden rocks. But now the rocks have … Continue reading

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Westwater photos

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I leave tomorrow for a week. No phones. No computers. Writing the good way. Writing with smooth ink and a hand. Writing next to moving water, in the fog, in the sunlight, beneath trees with my toes in the dirt.  … Continue reading

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Closing summer's door

The door of my office can’t be open in the mornings anymore. At least not this morning. It’s much too cold. Fall is laced in the air. We all talk about the seasons changing when they change. Is there another … Continue reading

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Me as a bridesmaid

Thanks Eleena Fikhman for the lovely photo. I wish the sky were always that blue and I wish I could carry around flowers like that all day every day.

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