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Wyoming Ave. park

I went to the park today with C and her son. He’s three and says the words he knows and then mumbles the ones he doesn’t and then continues with the words he knows like there was no break in … Continue reading

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Missoula, MT

My last memory of Missoula, Montana was driving away from her. East on highway 93 and ultimately east more still through strange highways taking me here. I remember the feeling of urgency. grasping at something fleeting. hoping my eyes and … Continue reading

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Not so scared

I’m taking my friend’s daughter camping this weekend. She’s been afraid of the bears and the foxes. Asking us if they will eat her. I tell her no. I tell her they are more afraid of her. “Why?” she asks. … Continue reading

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Back to school, I step in gum

you should have seen the moon last night. I hope you did. She was untouched. She was naked. The black felt night was cut. She a perfect circle behind it. What if there is more behind her? A woman robust … Continue reading

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It's not importanat

“Once (Roethke) said to me, that nervous undergrad who wanted the love of the world to roar out every time he put a word down, ‘Don’t worry about publishing. That’s not important.’ He might have added, only the act of … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bright

I was accused of wearing too many colors yesterday. “How many colors can you wear?” She said chuckling as I walked in the lunchroom to warm up leftover chili. I peered down the length of me confused. Blue dress, green … Continue reading

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the bone

I feel like running into a tree slap the bark with a pat on the ass go get ’em in a pink icing petticoat swallowing my legs feet, skin skin I keep peeling off my fingers my edges fraying I … Continue reading

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sly fox

You cannot find me unless I let you. a secret fox. I’ll hide until I tell the truth. until I run red across a field. naked and unshaved furry. to say I’m coming home. the dream of the fox so … Continue reading

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House guest

I see the doubt. I’m staring right at it. I’ve let it into my home because it came knocking in the middle of the night and I was too tired to turn it away. And now it’s eating my food, … Continue reading

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Even though I’ve placed my book aside – I’m letting it free for a spell – I still need to write and discover and not take any days off from this. I’ve heard of some people taking days off after … Continue reading

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