2 floor office space

I’ve been reading emails, trying to settle into a comfortable, peaceful place today: the daily rumpus newsletter which sometimes feels too long to read in the mornings, but today was a good one – a thoughtful one about things we say in the moment, things we do in the moment and if they mean anything down the road. I’m paraphrasing it terribly. Are you interested yet?

I read poetry in bed – had to pee for what felt like weeks – and then ran back in bed to read more poetry. I read some Radish King and e.e. Cummings and anything I could reach piled on my bedside table like an unorganized closet waiting to topple. I should do this more before I get up and hurl myself into the world – poetic meditation.

Writing at work is horrible and I don’t know why I bother sometimes. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, listening to headphones without sound, talking on the phone, reading with your head strategically averted – people have no qualms interrupting you. And half the time it’s unimportant – no 80% is unimportant. And they feel the need to explain everything they are doing even if it has nothing to do with me: I’m putting this post-it note on this person’s desk because it has information on it she’ll understand OR do you know how to contact the maintenance man because the men’s bathroom is overflowing? When did people become so lazy? Figure it out yourself! I don’t understand the psyche of being spoon-fed every resolution. There are things in this life we need to do on our own.

My favorite annoyance, though, is when they start a one-sided conversation right next to you and continue walking to the other side of the room as if I’m supposed to follow their voice and yellrespond accordingly. If you don’t think it’s important enough for me to hear what you are saying – why are you saying it?

I’m doing to try not to bitch so much today – starting nwo won wno now

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